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OilSandi02Hi. My name is Sandi Johnson , artist and creator of Old School Lane.

I started painting when I was 12 but life got in the way and I pursued other interests (college, marriage, motherhood, career.)

A few years ago, my husband bought me some paints, canvas and easel for my birthday and once again I am hooked. Since he refuses to sign for a bigger house, I have no choice but to sell my work (in order to make room for more.)

I paint with acrylic in old school style. My motto is “I don’t paint anything I have to explain.” It’s not that I have anything against contemporary art, it’s just that many people (including myself) like the comfort of an old pair of jeans or an old school piece of art.

This is my latest painting. IM000838.JPGPrints are available at my Fine Art America site.

Check out the gallery on the right for more paintings and prints.

You can purchase my original paintings at the Rodeo Market Community Arts Center 3915 W. 73rd Avenue Westminster, CO or maybe take a class from me.

If you don’t live in the Denver Metro area, you can still purchase prints or learn to paint in the Acrylic Experience.

Since you stopped by, be sure to

  • Browse my online  gallery for prints, pillows, tote bags and even shower curtains.
  • Reminisce with Back in the Day.
  • Learn to paint in the Acrylic Experience.
  • Watch the video interview we gave at the Colorado Black Arts Festival with Denver channel 9 news.
  • My artwork was also featured in the Westword newspaper photo slide show.

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