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I got back from my second honeymoon last month.
We took a wonderful cruise to Nassau and Cozumel. As the ship set sail, the cruise director started an old school dance party complete with the Hustle, Macarena, and the Electric Slide.

People from all backgrounds joined in, laughing, dancing and having a great time. Not judging, not hating, just dancing.

For five glorious days, I got to see what the world could be like, and it was great. Nothing but love and sunshine.

Maybe instead of elections, we should have one big Soul Train line. (It’s a thought.)


As old as 1968

Kwanzaa yenu iwe nahari. This means, “may your Kwanzaa be a happy one.”


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This holiday was started in 1968 by Maulana Ron Karenga after the Watts riots and is celebrated by millions of people of African decent in the US and the Caribbean. Continue reading

Maybe this will be the year

Every year we here it – Peace on Earth, etc.

IM000883.JPGMost of the time we can pull it off between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but then by January 2nd, something happens and we go right back to our bitter, angry miserable ways. I think after this year’s presidential election, things are probably worse.

I have all of the “stuff” I need and lots of “stuff” that I don’t need. The thing I want the most for Christmas this year is genuine kindness, understanding and LOVE. Not just for the holiday season, but as a way we act toward one another.

Wouldn’t this be a grand world if love became our habit? Maybe we have gotten all of the hate out of our systems – maybe this will be the year.

May everyone have a great holiday!!!!

This painting Christmas Eve  is not for sale.

As Long as there are Bubbles, the World will be OK


I will never sell this piece because it is very special to me. It is one of the first portraits I did and it was of my grandson a few years ago.

There are no video games at grandma’s house, but grandma has bubbles. Like fragile dreams that are easily popped, he can continuously breathe life into thousands of bubbles and become mesmerized as they slowly ascend, carrying troubles with them if only for a few brief moments. He and his friends spend hours with grandma’s bubbles, giggling and chasing them through the yard.

This picture hangs next to my television set and I often find myself looking away from the evening news, looking away from stories of mass shootings, ISIS and politics, looking into the innocent eyes of my precious grandson and making a mental note to buy more bubbles and somehow make the world alright.

How I Learned to Count Money

Childhood Treasure

Childhood Treasure

Do you remember collecting pop bottles in your radio flyer in order to save up enough money to buy your favorite goodies?

Having your nose pressed against the case filled with Swedish fish, wax lips and pixie sticks; the clerk patiently helping you to calculate the total of “three red shoe laces” and “two jaw breakers?”

Before I started school, I learned to calculate how many candy necklaces and pumpkin seeds I could purchase with the proceeds of a wagon full of pop bottles – years before I knew anything about recycling.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I painted this piece, reminiscing about the little brown paper treasure bag from long ago, filled with the adventures of Bazooka Joe and his gang. Continue reading



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