As Long as there are Bubbles, the World will be OK


I will never sell this piece because it is very special to me. It is one of the first portraits I did and it was of my grandson a few years ago.

There are no video games at grandma’s house, but grandma has bubbles. Like fragile dreams that are easily popped, he can continuously breathe life into thousands of bubbles and become mesmerized as they slowly ascend, carrying troubles with them if only for a few brief moments. He and his friends spend hours with grandma’s bubbles, giggling and chasing them through the yard.

This picture hangs next to my television set and I often find myself looking away from the evening news, looking away from stories of mass shootings, ISIS and politics, looking into the innocent eyes of my precious grandson and making a mental note to buy more bubbles and somehow make the world alright.


Say it ain’t so. The largest VCR manufacturer in the world announced that it will cease production at the end of this month. OK, I am probably the last person in America who still owns a VCR, but I can’t seem to find the time to convert my “Fraggle Rock” collection to DVD. Oh–yes, I still own several DVD players as well.

You are reading OLD SCHOOL Lane, what did you expect?

I really thought I had arrived when I bought my first VCR. It cost over $500 and I was proud that I did my research and decided that VHS was better than Beta. My VCR was my personal declaration of independence from the networks. I could tape Phil Donahue and watch him at midnight if I wished.

I had power in the form of a remote control. I no longer had to listen to “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” unless I wanted to (it was a catchy tune.) I had a fast forward button.

I haven’t been this distraught since AOL stopped sending me 10 floppy discs a month….

High Handle Bars Banana Seat


OK, I’d admit that this wasn’t the smartest way to ride a bike but we all did it…and somehow survived. My grandmother used to say “God takes care of babies, old folks and fools.” Not sure which one we were, but we didn’t have helmets or knee pads in those days. I’m not sure we would have worn them if we had.

But – we had high handlebars, banana seats and (if you were really cool) high sissy bars in the back. My bike was turquoise with streamers on the handlebars, a basket AND a bell. My brothers clipped a clothes pin and a baseball card to the spokes in such a way that it sounded like a motorcycle. Oh, if they had only kept that Roberto Clemente card…

Show Love


Although I have no intention of turning this blog into a political one, I feel compelled to address the sad events of last week where 2 Black fathers and 5 White police officers were killed as a result of racism.

This blog is all about the good old days, but let’s never forget the bad part of those days – institutionalized racism. And let’s vow to never let that happen again. I hope that we can build on our progress since the civil rights movement and resist the temptation to revert back to segregation, vilification, suspicion, hatred and FEAR.

We don’t fear one another once we know one another. We are better off as a people when all people are treated with respect and dignity and given the opportunity to develop their natural God-given talents. We also must remember that the vast majority of people of all races are kind, loving, caring and that all races produce the occasional NUT who would walk into a church, pray and then shoot 9 people because of their skin color.

We can’t control the nuts of our race, but we can control what we think and do. It’s so easy to just SHOW LOVE.



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