All we need is love…

Original will be on sale at the Colorado Black Arts Festival July 7-9 in Denver City Park. Prints available on

17G002 Dancing Americans

Dancing Americans

Back in the day we thought Archie Bunker was funny. His racist ideas were so out of touch that they were laughable.

Sadly, I think we have gone back to acceptance of divisiveness in America.

This art piece got so much negative feedback at a recent art show that I was shocked. I even had one guy DEMAND an explanation from me about it. The explanation is simple – Americans come in all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds and religions and I for one think it is a GREAT thing when we can all come together and smile, dance and enjoy one another’s company.

E. Pluribus Unim – from many, one — a founding idea of our great land and one I firmly stand behind without apology.

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