Better than a Lemonade Stand

17S001 Flint Dakota PrayerDakota Flint Prayer prints available at my art website. Follow me on Facebook.

Jerry Lewis had a Muscular Distrophy telethon every summer and encouraged kids to have a summer carnival in order to raise money for the cause.

Every year right after school ended, the neighborhood kids got together to plan the annual carnival. The planning included lots of arguments and sometimes divided the neighborhood into two factions ending in two separate carnivals, but sometime in August, we would pull it off.

We scraped together toys that we no longer played with for prizes and had ring toss, balloons and other games along with koolaid and cupcakes for refreshments. All of the little kids who were too young to plan the carnival would attend.

We would usually make about $40 or $50 total (most of it came from our parents in some way or another.) This enterprise kept us occupied and out of trouble most of the summer. Little did we know, we were preparing to be entrepreneurs. Wonder how many from the old gang went on to running their own businesses?

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