Prize Fighting

IM000744.JPGI never got cereal prizes because I had a great mother and 3 siblings.

My mother was concerned about our nutrition, so she never bought pre-sweetened cereal – the good stuff with the prize. Instead we were treated to Shredded Wheat and Special K – they never had prizes. Plus – having 3 siblings, there would be no way we would share the prizes without a fair degree of bloodshed.

BUT – Cracker Jacks were a different story. For some reason, Mom would buy us Cracker Jacks; maybe because peanuts had vitamins in them. I’ll have to ask her. There was no danger of bloodshed because we each got our own box and our own prize. The prizes were great – whistles, rings, tattoos. They were the best part of the cracker jacks next to the sugar high.

It’s hard to find Cracker Jacks in the box nowadays, they mostly come in a bag – is nothing sacred? So, when I saw a box – I had to have it – candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize. This is going to be great!!!

I discovered a cavity after biting into the popcorn and the sugar high gave me a headache, so I ended up dumping the rest of the Cracker Jacks into a bowl so I could dig for the prize. The prize will make this all worth it. Finally, there it was —

It was a stupid little book – are you kidding me? No cool whistle, no mini yo-yo? Next thing you know, they’ll take Bazooka Joe comics away.

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