footballI’m from Pittsburgh and live in Denver, so I bleed football. OK this year’s playoff games didn’t leave me too thrilled but I am still excited to watch the SUPER BOWL.

I am going to watch from home, thank you – the $2,800 ticket price is a little beyond my budget, unless I sell another painting (just kidding.) $2,800 just to watch a game??? What happened to team sports for the masses?

Back in the day, stadiums were really just fields named after something that meant something (or not) to the local people. Forbes Field in Pittsburgh is where the Pirates played. It was named after one of the many robber barons who built the city. Then they built 3 River’s Stadium because there are 3 Rivers in Pittsburgh – makes sense, right? NOW, they play in PNC Park, named after a big bank – looses its local charm, doesn’t it?

Denver’s Mile High Stadium is now Invesco Field, no – Sports Authority – no wait, they went out of business — it’s something at Mile High – I can’t remember the other part because it has no local meaning.

Neither does $2,800 for a super bowl ticket, or any ticket that the hard working, blue collar, everyday folks can’t afford. Back in the day, you could decide to take the family out to the ball game without mortgaging your house. How about giving regular folks back our place to escape???

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