Global warming

Remember the Radio Flyer? It was a wooden sled with metal runners. Try to use one of those these days and it will sink into the mud.


Winter Watch

Winter Watch available on Fine Art America. It looks great as a shower curtain!!!

Don’t get it wrong, I am no fan of winter or snow. It’s pretty to paint but it clips my wings when I want to drive anywhere.

I remember one January that was so cold that for some reason the gas company wasn’t able to get enough gas to the houses to warm them. Now I lived in the suburbs, not in a cabin or anything, but it was so cold that year that school was closed most of the month.

For the first time ever, we lit the fireplace in the living room. My mother didn’t mind the soot that year. She burned everything just to try to keep us warm – wood, paper, coal and even our clubhouse.

It was much too cold to even think about playing outdoors, so we huddled next to the TV, wrapped in a blanket and tried to stay warm. That was the only time I can remember that children were allowed to spend time in the formal living room.

I believe that was the last time I saw my Radio Flyer. I suspect it also went up the chimney, but Mom isn’t talking.


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