Paper checks????

I must admit, old school is not always the best. Take banking, for instance. I started a new job not to long ago and it took one pay cycle to get my direct deposit in place— so they paid me with A PAPER CHECK!!!

Urban Life

Urban Life

What was I supposed to do with that? Oh – yes. I remember now- take it to the BANK.

I know, I could take a picture of it and deposit it electronically, but I really don’t trust that. I used to go to the bank all of the time. I think I can handle it. Back in the day, this routine was the only choice we had.

First, let me find the branch nearest to my job. (I haven’t been in a bank in years.) Luckily, there is one right around the corner.

Now, I have to stand in line – this is taking up my entire lunch hour. Why don’t these people get direct deposit?

I finally get to a teller who reminds me to sign the back of the check. Oh yes, I love these chained down pens, they make writing so easy. You’d think that a bank with billions of dollars could budget for a few missing 19 cent Bic pens to go missing occasionally.

Because they don’t know me, I have to show ID and swipe my debit card.

All done – and 15 minutes to grab a bag of chips from the vending machine and back to work.

Hopefully, my direct deposit will be in place next payday. Viva la progress!!!

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