45 Records

45-records-1 For those of you who may need a bit of a review, a “record” is like a big vinyl CD and was how really old school people used to listen to music. (a CD is how old school people listen to music)

Back in the day, old school people heard a song on the radio, then went to the record store and bought the record (see previous paragraph). A 45 had 2 songs – the A side (which was the song you really wanted) and the B side (which became popular simply because it was on the flip side of the hit song.) If I remember correctly, 45s cost about 75 cents.

45-record-case45-record-case-1I would write my name on my records so that I could reclaim them after parties. I organized my records in a special carrying case made for 45s. Mine was the kind made like a little suitcase. The other kind scratched the records too easily.

45-recordsI got invited to lots of parties because I also had a portable record player. My record player played both 45s and 33s (aka LPs or albums). You could make any music group sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks by playing an LP at 45 rpm. Because the LPs had little holes and 45s had big holes, you had to have a supply of these little adapter things in order to play a 45.

Does anyone know what those little things are called? They would make a great pair of earrings.

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