Lunch Boxes

The first school that I attended had no busflipper, no gymnasium and definitely no cafeteria. The kids that lived close enough went home for lunch, but I lived to far, so I ate my lunch in the classroom, so my lunchbox was an important part of my school day.

I still remember my first lunch box, it was a Flipper (you know, the dolphin). It was metal and had sort of a hook thing on the inside to hold the matching Flipper thermos.

That thermos was quite a feat. It had a plastic cup on the top that screwed off. That was the easy part. The hard part was unscrewing the inside cap which was always screwed on very tightly. You had to be especially careful because the thermos liner was made of glass and it would break if you dropped it.

My thermos was usually filled with soup because we purchased little cartons of milk for a nickel. I guess they were about a half pint and they came in these square cartons with a piece of foil around one corner. You could either get chocolate or white milk and they gave you a paper straw to drink with.

We also got milk during a morning break, right before recess and now that I think about it, every child in my class had milk. Somehow even the poorest families managed to scrape together a nickel each day for their child. Hopefully, they also had something healthy to eat when they walked home for lunch.

Wonder what a metal Flipper lunch box goes for on EBay.

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