Show Love


Although I have no intention of turning this blog into a political one, I feel compelled to address the sad events of last week where 2 Black fathers and 5 White police officers were killed as a result of racism.

This blog is all about the good old days, but let’s never forget the bad part of those days – institutionalized racism. And let’s vow to never let that happen again. I hope that we can build on our progress since the civil rights movement and resist the temptation to revert back to segregation, vilification, suspicion, hatred and FEAR.

We don’t fear one another once we know one another. We are better off as a people when all people are treated with respect and dignity and given the opportunity to develop their natural God-given talents. We also must remember that the vast majority of people of all races are kind, loving, caring and that all races produce the occasional NUT who would walk into a church, pray and then shoot 9 people because of their skin color.

We can’t control the nuts of our race, but we can control what we think and do. It’s so easy to just SHOW LOVE.

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