How I Learned to Count Money

Childhood Treasure

Childhood Treasure

Do you remember collecting pop bottles in your radio flyer in order to save up enough money to buy your favorite goodies?

Having your nose pressed against the case filled with Swedish fish, wax lips and pixie sticks; the clerk patiently helping you to calculate the total of “three red shoe laces” and “two jaw breakers?”

Before I started school, I learned to calculate how many candy necklaces and pumpkin seeds I could purchase with the proceeds of a wagon full of pop bottles – years before I knew anything about recycling.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I painted this piece, reminiscing about the little brown paper treasure bag from long ago, filled with the adventures of Bazooka Joe and his gang. I am glad, however that they no longer sell candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars.

Please share your memories of the corner candy store with us. I’d love to read them.

Click on the picture if you’d like to purchase a print.


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